NationJS 2013

NationJS 2014 is On!

We're back, Nov 7-8 this time. Get ready for two days of JavaScript and the Web Platform! This year we will have a single track format. Great for speakers who want a big audience.

And speaking of speaking, our CFP is open! Submit Your Talk!

Thank You, Everyone!

Opening Keynote Thanks attendees, all 200+ of you, for attending NationJS 2013 and making it great. You helped in a big way to make this event a huge success! We knew DC wanted a yearly community-run JavaScript conference and you proved us right. It made all our efforts worth it.

Thank you speakers for creating such wonderful presentations and sharing them with us. You were each excellent, and exceeded all of our expectations. The overwhelmingly positive comments we received from the attendees showed us that we picked the right people to speak.

Thank you, sponsors for your support. We are very grateful that our sponsors all 'get' our event and participate actively. In most cases, our sponsors even sent a significant number of their technical employees to benefit from our conference.

Lastly, thank you to the organizers of the many local user groups that partnered with us. This was the biggest surprise of all for us. We were especially happy to have such enthusiatic participation from the leaders of the following groups:

Those four DC user groups were amazingly helpful partners, not just getting the word out to their membership, but actually helping to run the conference, recommending and introducing speakers, speaking themselves, and organizing a great pre-conference meetup and party at the famous Post Pub, a night that almost didn't happen because of a gas leak in the meeting hall! Thank you all.

Welcome Silver Sponsor Pivotal Labs

Pivotal Labs

We are very happy to welcome Silver sponsor Pivotal! Here is what Pivotal wants you to know:

Pivotal Pivotal Labs is at the forefront of modern software development having built some of the world’s most effective and innovative business platforms. We provide expertise in design, development and product management to deliver applications and enterprise systems that perform reliably, scale easily and adapt quickly to changing demands. We partner with technical teams ranging in experience from the newly minted to the seasoned; together we’ve launched hundreds of web and mobile products and built complex enterprise infrastructures.

Our highly-disciplined agile practice revolves around communication, collaboration, transparency, and a relentless focus on customer and business needs. At Pivotal, we don’t just build products, we help transform your ideas into software, your code into solutions, and your aspiration into application.

Welcome Silver Sponsor Webs!


We are very happy to welcome Silver sponsor Webs! Here is what Webs wants you to know:

Webs is the digital arm of Vistaprint, the leading customizable products provider for small business. Webs’ engineers work to create, grow and evolve a range of products and services that help small businesses and individuals achieve their goals online. You’ll work with some of the sharpest minds in the industry tackling real-world challenges using the latest technologies on a daily basis.

Welcome Platinum Sponsors Leidos and SAIC!

Thank you for supporting us, Platinum sponsors Leidos and SAIC . On September 30th, SAIC splits into two companys, Leidos and SAIC.

SAIC SAIC is a FORTUNE 500® scientific, engineering and technology applications company that uses its deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world, in national security, energy & environment, health and critical infrastructure. For more information, visit SAIC: From Science to Solutions®

SAIC Portions of SAIC, including National Security, Health and Engineering businesses, will be a part of planned solutions company Leidos upon the split into two independent, publicly traded companies. Leidos will be a a science and technology solutions leader working to help address challenges facing national security, health, and engineering.

Beer Summit at McGinty's, Thanks to Sequoia

Sequoia Thanks to our awesome sponsor Sequoia the NationJS Beer Summit will be at McGinty's Public House. Join us for food and drinks starting just after NationJS.

McGinty's is a great Irish Pub, is just one block from the Silver Spring Civic Building. It is an awesome location to unwind after a fun day of JavaScript.

Welcome Gold Sponsor Endgame!


We are very happy to welcome Gold sponsor Endgame. Here is what Endgame wants you to know:

Endgame uses data science to bring clarity to the cyber domain, allowing you to sense, discover, and act in real time. We build great products to solve our customers' hardest problems.

Oct 3: Advanced JS - The "What You Need To Know" Parts Workshop

We've added a great workshop by Kyle Simpson on Oct 3rd to NationJS, called "Advanced JS - The 'What You Need To Know' Parts". The workshop will be held the day before NationJS at the Civic Building's Spring room.

You can register for the workshop (and buy tickets to NationJS here): Register

Here is the description of Kyle's class:

The majority of JavaScript developers use the language "in practice" (that is, they learn on the job) but rarely go beyond a surface understanding. In this workshop, we're going to actually dive pretty deep into how some of the confusing parts of the language actually work. Especially when we talk about prototypes, we'll see some perhaps surprising conclusions that change the way we think about OO in JavaScript. The goal is that you'll know why JavaScript works the way it does, so that you can make informed decisions about how to use it.


  • events (DOM & JS)
  • this
  • closures
  • encapsulation (module pattern)
  • prototypes
  • common OO patterns in JS
  • inheritance vs. behavior delegation

And as a bonus, if we have time, we'll dive into async code patterns, including:

  • callback styles (continuation passing, etc)
  • generators and coroutines (yield, etc)
  • promises

This is an all-day workshop, and includes both lecture and lab exercises. There will be several breaks throughout the day, including a lunch break.

Welcome Gold Sponsor Intridea!


We are very happy to welcome Gold sponsor Intridea. Intridea is really a long time sponsor of ours, through RubyNation, our sister conference. So, double thanks to them! Here is what Intridea wants you to know:

We don't just make web apps - we solve problems. At Intridea we write intelligently designed software to help businesses develop strategic solutions and launch new ideas. Armed with the brightest engineers and designers and positioned at the forefront of the technological ethos, we help businesses disrupt industries.

Welcome Platinum Sponsor Sequoia


Many thanks to our first 2013 sponsor, Sequoia. Sequoia was also a sponsor of our sister conference, RubyNation.

Sequoia is a team of passionate, dedicated individuals who love collaborating to build exceptional software products and solutions. As a trusted, long-term partner, we work side by side with our clients, offering expert, objective software and systems development solutions to help solve their most important and complex problems. We leverage proven agile methods and open source technologies to build stable, scalable, extensible software for our clients. Today’s technologists are looking for a company that will share ownership, make necessary commitments and investments for growth, success and well-being and reward based on merit and results. These are the core principals and philosophies of the culture at Sequoia. Developing innovative solutions and investing in passionate technologists is our core mission, and we’re just getting started!


There are lots of hotels nearby NationJS, including several that are just a couple of blocks away.


NationJS will be held at the amazing Silver Spring Civic Building, a fantastic venue for both the speakers and the attendees.

The Civic Building is located in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, just one metro stop outside of Washington, DC. There is lots to see and do nearby, everything from an IMAX theater to dozens of bars and restaurants.

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JavaScript in the Mid-Atlantic

NationJS will bring the best of development with JavaScript and web platform standards to the Mid-Atlantic. Join us Oct 4th for a fun and informal day of incredible technical presentations.

Registration is open! Early Bird tickets are available now. Don't wait too long to get your tickets. We expect NationJS to sell out quickly.